Monday, June 6, 2011

ME1 - Meriel's Story *Temporarily* On Hold/ Two Journal Entries Pending

Hey guys!  I hate to do this, but Meriel's story is going to be put temporarily on hold.  I'm hoping that it will be for no more then a couple weeks, because I really want to keep playing Mass Effect.  As you may have noticed, I was quite busy during April/May.  All that time was spent flipping through books and typing at the computer.  As a result, my hands are a bit overworked and are in need of a rest so that I don't develop carpal tunnel. You may have noticed that Meriel hasn't done a great deal of the ME1 main quest yet, and that is a big part of it.  Plus, I've found playing a real-time shooting game while wearing a stability brace on one wrist  to be a bit difficult. :)

L'Épée Magique will continue on like normal, but I apologize for the hiccup in plans.  I just wanted you to know why posts in the next week or so will be bit shorter, a little less frequent, and why you won't be seeing Meriel for a bit.       As you can see on Mereil's Story page, there are a couple of posts that are "pending."  These are in the process of being typed up and will make it up as soon as possible.   I'm hoping that this break will not be for long with the proper rest and that Mass Effect will be back in no time.

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