Game - Dragon Age 2
Character - Cerian Hawke
Class - Rogue
Specialty - Assassin

Reexamining Dragon Age 2
FedEx-ing Dead Bodies
Them Be Fightin' Skills
Of Doors That Are Not
Of Tweeted Thoughts, Part 1
The Cardboard Chantry, Pt.1
Varric's Friendly Concern
The Cardboard Chantry, Pt.2
Mark of the Assassin
Of Tweeted Thoughts, Pt 2


Cerian Hawke's game will remain unfinished.  My GameFly account never transferred to Direct2Drive like it was supposed in November 2014 and I lost access to all the games on that account.  This means that I have no way of re-installing the game after unexpectedly needing to re-install windows last year. 

At the time I was trying to give DA2 a fair shake, but truth of the matter is that I'm played all three class, played it with and without mods, and restarted the game numerous times.  Four years later I still can't stand it.  the bad outweighs that good, and I frankly do not care enough about the title to re-buy it.  I'm glad that I tried taking another look at it, but it was probably the last time.

I will play Dragon Age: Inquisition once I can get my hands on a PS4.  I prefer to play on PC, but will not install Origin.  People, whose opinions I value, say that DA:I is better.  I hope this is true, because Dragon Age has the potential to be a really great series. DA:O remains one of my favorite games of all time, and I would love to see DA:I help return the series to its glory. I have purposefully remained as ignorant of DA:I as possible so that once I can play it, I can approach it with the least amount of knowledge as possible.  My hopes are not high, but they are at least positive in nature.