Monday, July 16, 2012

ME2 - Miranda

Changes in perception.

There are spoilers after the break.  Continue reading at your own risk.

A Brief Update to Meriel's Personal Log, Entry Fourteen
Location: Illium

If what I witnessed today is even a glimpse into the environment Miranda grew up in, then I can begin to understand how she became the woman she is today.  When the one person who rescued you from your father, the one person from your past life that you trusted, will be betray you without a second thought for cold hard cash ... well she is certainly better off where she is now.  Aboard the Normandy, the Illusive Man's right hand woman is very much the Ice Queen - a role she has no doubt worked hard to perfect.  Our rescue mission to Illium, and the raw emotion it evoked, forced her to show a more human side.  There is little that can be said here since there is little to which I can personally relate.  She and her sister have finally met for the first time.  Miranda is amazed that her sister has a sense of humor. She intends to maintain sporadic personal contact.  She even shed tears when her sister reached safety. That in and of itself is Earth shattering.

Perhaps the most surprising thing is that at the end of the day, Miranda trusted me (of all people) to handle this delicate situation.  Miranda gave me, someone who has never truly cared for her, her heart on a platter.  Out of a sense of duty I stood by her when old "friends" stabbed her in the back.  Out of the understanding that families will never be for people like us,  I pushed her to actually meet the woman she had been protecting all these years face-to-face.  Then, when all was said and done, Miranda actually thanked me for being having her back the whole way.  No one could have foreseen this.  On Illium I saw a different, more personal, more passionate side of her.  It showed me that we are perhaps more similar that I choose to admit.  We will never be friends, but we are not exactly enemies either.   Somehow out of all of this, I managed to earn Miranda's trust and she managed to earn my respect.

Sometimes ... sometimes that is enough.

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