Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Reexamining DA2: Of Tweeted Thoughts, Part 1

"This will be a disaster. But I can't live without it."
After almost a month away, I picked up Dragon Age 2 again last weekend and played a few more hours of the game.  Afterwards, I went to twitter with my thoughts and ended up in rather extended conversation with my friend (and Let's Player) Joseph. The more pertinent comments we exchanged are here enclosed. Despite appearances, this is not an exercise in laziness.  At the beginning of this series I expressed the desire to discuss my thoughts on DA2 in real time.  You can't get much more "real time" than this, without  LPing that is.

I have a more normal DA2 entry in the works.  Be looking for it Monday of next week.

On motivating myself to play:
On the Arishok:
On Cerian's Budding Romance:

On Merrill and Her Personality Difference Between DA:O and DA2:

On Fenris:
On Aveline:

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