Friday, May 10, 2013

cRPG World Observation No. 2

You are unknown to me or anyone I know, and are therefore a stranger.  This means that you are the perfect candidate for representing my private interests in a mission that will take you halfway across the world, and will likely involve exchanges of a very sensitive nature. If you look at me just the right way before you depart for said mission, I may even bare my soul to you and impart my deepest darkest secrets that you will in no way be tempted to use against me. I, after all, trust you completely. 

Despite your own penchant to roam the Earth, and the startling number of inns available for one to stay at, no one travels in medieval not-Europe.  Because of this, strangers are a novelty.  Your presence being a novelty, the common Joe looks upon you with wonder instead of fear or skepticism.  No one ever told them that strangers are unpredictable or untrustworthy.  The idea that you are just as likely to rob them blind or slaughter the whole town, as you are to trot across the globe on their behalf in exchange for a pittance, is completely incomprehensible.  (Let's face it though, you'll still inevitably rob them blind. It's a law or something.)

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