Wednesday, July 20, 2011

... and what a busy week it was.

9/3/11: I know that I still haven't posted for a very long time.  No, I haven't disappeared, dropped the blog, or been swallowed up by the Earth.  Ever since this post though, things have just been unexpectedly insanely, insanely busy.  I've been studying for my comprehensive exams - a massive 8 hour writing test that I must pass in order to get my degree.  This studying (combined with work et. al.) has left little time for anything else, much less gaming.  I WILL return to form come the week after next, when this blasted test is over, and my graduation is (hopefully) secured.  Talk to you then!

Original Post :
Talk about crazy.  Last week or so (as you may have noticed) not much was posted because my internet kept dying.  I have quite possibly the worst internet carrier around and as a result I and the entire local area found ourselves without internet service for large spans of time.  At one point I was out for over 24 hours.  During the times that my internet was up I did managed to type almost all of the next entry in Meriel's story, and that will be posted this Monday(7/25).  I had hoped to get it out earlier this week, but ultimately I underestimated the inherent difficulty of typing on a laptop when one has three hyperactive dachshunds vying for attention, burying under the computer, lying on the keyboard, and incessantly licking my hands everytime they move.  Alright! Waiting until my stint as a dog-sitter is over it is!  On the upside, the family I am sitting for has both a PS3 and Dragon AgeII which means that I have been logging some serious time in Kirkwall this week with Hawke and her companions.

Next week be looking for the newest update on Meriel, a discussion on Dragon Age II, and a Mass Effect edition of "Amusing Oddities."  See you on Monday!

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