Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Let's Visit - The Imperial Library

I know that all I seem to talk about thus far on L'Épée Magique is the Elder Scrolls series and Dragon Age: Origins.  I swear that I do play other games.  It just happens though that Morrowind is considered by me to be one of the best RPGs ever made.  As a result of my extreme bias, TESIII:MW is the first thing to pop into my head when the subject of gaming comes up, and as a result I still find myself looking for more things to read about it after all these years.  Thankfully if one chooses to read about Vvardenfell and its neighbors these days, one need not go far.  Enter the Imperial Library.  An amazing website that has been around for quite some time, the Imperial Library makes it possible for geeks like me to go back and read in-game books without starting up the actual game and hunting down the volumes.  Any Elder Scrolls devotee will rave, if you have enough time to let them, about the massive amount of text encapsulated in these books.  Now you can catch up on all your lore from Daggerfall to Oblivion with one click of your mouse.  Do you need to freshen up your knowledge of TES geographies & histories, peoples & societies, languages & arts, or religions & mythologies?  Maybe you've always wanted to learn the Daedric Alphabet? The Imperial Library has your back.

I have just ruined any chance you had of being productive for the rest of the day.  You're welcome.

 Image: Destructoid


  1. A fine website indeed. Used to play a lot of Morrowind, and then a lot of Oblivion when that came out. Am very much looking forward to Skyrim (11/11/11).

  2. I too am very eager for Skyrim's release. Personally I found Oblivion to be a bit of a let down, but if viewed in isolation, it really was a pretty good game. Hopefully Skyrim will use the best of Morrowind and the best of Oblivion to fashion something new that is even better then the previous two combined.