Saturday, February 12, 2011

The Search for Fuel 2

Almost two weeks ago I posted about my most recent tea purchases - two black tea mixes of Amaretto/Strawberry and Hazelnut/Vanilla.  I have enjoyed both of them, but I don't think either of them were the solution to my search for gaming fuel.  Yesterday in the mail I received the next wave of teas.

Rum/Plum/Lycii Berry - This has an amazing flavor.  I asked Design a Tea to place emphasis on the rum and the result did not disappoint.  This is some good stuff and has won itself a permanent position in my resident tea collection and gaming fuel repertoire.

Chocolate/Cranberry - Design a Tea, at my request, put extra emphasis on the cranberry which resulted in a surprisingly dark flavored tea.  I don't see myself drinking this on a regular basis, but it certainly would make a nice substitute for coffee on days when I want that dark flavor but none of the excessive caffeine.  This also would go nicely with cream.  If I order this again I will probably ask for an even heavier emphasis on the cranberry as the chocolate flavor is slightly overwhelming when consumed sans milk.

Update (2/28) - I drank almost the entire bag of this Chocolate/Cranberry mix while buried in my books last week ad have since acquired a taste for it.  I still like the Rum/Plum/Lycii Berry more, but the Chocolate/Cranberry mix is pretty divine once you get used to it.  I'm thinking of making this a "exam/paper time tea" to help me get focused.  It is dark enough to evoke thoughts of coffee, but when made with a Rooibos base it is caffeine-free.  It's like psyching myself into believing I'm drinking a caffeine loaded drink. :)
Ice Wine - I haven't actually had a chance to try this yet, but this is one of the company's pre-designed teas.  I read a review for it on Tea Review Blog and they made it sound divine.  I will try it tonight as I continue fighting my way through the Dead Trenches.

Update -  I have since tried the Ice Wine tea and it has a really nice smooth flavor to it.  I would certainly consider buying this again. 

This weekend is a busy one folks, so be looking for the next entry in Perra's story sometime late Monday night at the latest.

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