Monday, February 28, 2011

The Search for Fuel 3

Well my search for the perfect gaming tea continues.  Two weeks ago I mentioned that the Rum/Plum/Lycii Berry tea I'd ordered from Design a Tea was phenomenal and it would become a staple in my tea line up.  In an effort to make good on this claim I've ordered a much larger bag of it, because let's face it ... the first bag was gone within a mere number of days.  Yes, it is that good.  Seeing how much I enjoyed the custom rum flavored tea, I ordered another of the company's signature teas - Tropical Snowflake.  A black based tea with rum and coconut, the rum flavor is nice and subtle as is the coconut.  They mix together nicely without one overpowering the other. Overall I like it and will certainly enjoy the tea, but I'm not certain I will buy it again.  It is really well made/mixed but I think I personally prefer things that aren't quite so light and floaty tasting.  On another note, the company sent me an extra, unsolicited packet of lycii berries with my order.  I'm not sure if it was intended for the Tropical Snowflake tea (should I choose to add it) or if it was meant as an optional addition to the Rum/Plum/Lycii Berry tea.  Either way, it was a very pleasant surprise and I shall be adding it into the Rum/Plum/Lycii Berry tea.  Well folks, that's one more tea down and in a few weeks I suspect that there'll be another one to discuss.

Coming Next - Thanks for hanging in there last week with all the work I had to do.  I hope you enjoyed playing around with the HHGTTG game on the BBC's website.  I find that it is an amusing way to procrastinate when more important matters should be commanding my attention.

Perra returns Wednesday afternoon with the coronation of Bhelen.  From there we will see how it all goes but I suspect that Perra's further adventures outside of Orzammar will continue on Friday night. 

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