Sunday, February 6, 2011

Let's Visit - Morrowind: A Fool's Tale

"Oh, and that ridiculous hat ... I immediately put it on my own head."
Back when Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind was new to me I wish that I'd thought to keep a journal of my first character's exploits. Don't get me wrong, journaling is still a possibility since the game continues to be an adventure and deep role-playing experience. Even so, I fear that I've been exposed to Vvardenfell for too many years now to look at it with fresh eyes. Some people do not seem to have that problem though. Proof of this is the short-lived 2009 blog series A Fool in Morrowind. Sadly the author Alec Meer dropped his journaling after eleven entries. Thankfully, those eleven entries are so full of humor and nostalgia that they'll have you reinstalling the game on your PC in seconds flat. If you have half an hour or so I highly recommend you give Fool in Morrowind a look.

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