Saturday, January 21, 2012

ME2 - Omega

A resolution is made.

There are spoilers after the break.  Continue reading at your own risk.

Meriel's Personal Log, Entry Six

Location: Omega

Our trip to the Citadel left me both emotionally raw and overwhelmingly demoralized.  It also, however, forced me realize just how sick I was of being the toll of other peoples' secret agendas - the Council's, the Illusive Man's, Cerberus'.  As the Normandy departed the Station,  it became clear that enough was enough.  If I do not take things into my own hands now, I will find myself someone's unwilling or unwitting pawn.  That, under no circumstances, is a valid option.  Not long after my revival, I wrote about not letting my weaknesses show ... about making it look like I was in control.  There has just about been enough of that as well.  As of this moment I will be in control.  If I have a trait that others perceive as weakness, fine.  If my time with the military taught me anything, it was this - everyone, be they human or alien, has a weakness.  By denying those weaknesses exist, one is apt to not only get themselves killed, but to sacrifice the lives of those who follow them in the process as well.  That is not me.  Death and rebirth may have robbed me of humanity, that much up for debate, but it did not rob me of my past, my sense of determination, my sense of responsibility.  The Illusive Man, whatever his ulterior motives, has charged me with saving mankind from the Reapers.  Only a great fool would turn their nose up at the one organization in Citadel Space with both the resources and the willingness to fight the threat we face.  Despite my many faults, that is one hing I am not.  Acting with some caution, however, is not exactly inadvisable.

With this new resolution, and with the my one "independent" lead having gone up in smoke, there was nothing left to do but review the Illusive Man's list of suggested recruits.  I miss those I worked with before, but clearly they are now beyond my reach.  As such, I can only review the dossiers provided me, and hope that at least some of them will work out.  Not long after perusal of these files was initiated, one individual in particular caught my attention ...the so-called Archangel.  His (or her) dossier was standard enough with terms like "tactical expertise" and "strategic brilliance."  Archangel's penchant for "high-profile attacks on gang leaders in Omega", however, was not.  When one considers that Omega's rampant criminal and gang activity makes it the armpit of the galaxy, any individual who willfully initiates "high-profile attacks on gang leaders" is worth more than a second look.  This sounds like one individual I would not mind having at my back.

Omega is one of those worlds I have never had the dubious honor of visiting.  Considering the fact that I grew up with stories about it, and even ran with a number of people who had lived and worked there for a time, my lack of desire to visit this filth encrusted gem of a planet is quite understandable.  As a young ruffian I may have dreamed of life on Omega and its glories once or twice, it is hard to remember that far back, but with age came common sense. Reminding me of the kind of life I used to live does little to endear this cess pit to me now, in the present.  Some things are better forgotten until circumstance necessitates their reemergence.

Miranda, Jacob, and I were not long on solid ground before an edict was issued from Omega's leader, Aria.  She required our presences at Afterlife - the night club slash center of business in this area.  The mutually recognized authority of Omega holding court in a seedy club?  How apropos.  I was in not rush to ascend to Aria's whims, however, and insisted on getting a feel for the area first.  In retrospect, it was a good thing, for after doing so (and temporarily heading back to the Normandy) we stumbled upon one Zaeed Massani.  There are few in the underworld, or in the veteran Alliance ranks, who are not familiar with Massani's name. A soldier with a well earned reputation for ruthlessness, he was, at one time, the founder of the Blue Suns "security" outfit. I, given my past, have of course had more reason to know of him than most of my comrades.   He, after all, has been bounty hunting at for at least these past twenty years.  According to Zaeed, the Illusive Man has already paid for his services, and likewise promised him  that I would help the mercenary satisfy one last contract.  Normally I would balk at this kind of meddling, but fact of the matter is that Massani will be a valuable addition to my new team.  Yes, he is a mercenary.  From what I understand though, he is not without his own version of honor.  If the stories about this man are even half true, he is more than good with a gun and  I will have no problem trusting him in the field.  He, like everyone else, probably has his own agenda.  Unlike  everyone else though, I have little concern as to what that agenda may be.  It is good to have him aboard.

Our appointment with Aria could only be put off so long.  Leaving Miranda at the ship, Zaeed and Jacob were on full alert as we wound our way though Afterlife.  Thankfully, this ended up being no more than a chance to size each other up.  After acknowledging each other's power (for I can think of no other way to describe it), Aria was more than free with information.  She knew of Mordin, another the Illusive Man had suggested I recruit, and admired his ability to both heal and kill indiscriminately.  Archangel she was less complimentary of, yet outwardly she bore me no ill will for my intentions to recruit him.  After all, by removing him from Omega, I would most certainly be doing Aria a favor.  If anything, our discussion increased my desire to meet with this Archangel.  Anyone with the guts to take a gang run planet's infrastructure on, is just the kind of person I need in my ranks.  It does seem, however, that such a meeting will not be easy, for the Normandy arrived at an inopportune time.  All of the major gangs on Omega have recently banded together, in an unprecedented display of cooperation, to take the avenging angel out for good.  If my team truly desires an audience with this being, it seems like we will have to join the Blue Suns under the guise of temporary hires.  I hope that Zaeed appreciates the irony.  I also hope that he does not kill me in my sleep as a result.  Do not worry, that last bit is only said in jest ... mostly.

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