Friday, January 20, 2012

Let's Watch - Toegoff's Plea to Gamers Regarding SOPA, PIPA, and Piracy

This is my last post on the subject.  I promise.  The Let's Player Toegoff, however, just posted a very good video regarding his opinion in SOPA/PIPA, piracy, and the need for gamers to take responsibility for their actions and personal decisions.  While, unlike him, I would advocate innovation on the industry's part to deter piracy (as opposed to laws with vague terminology), his thoughts on piracy itself just about mirrors my own thoughts on the subject 1:1. As I said before though, L'Épée Magique is not a political/advocacy blog and I have no desire/intent to turn it into one.  This is the last you will hear from me on the subject.

Tune in tomorrow for the next entry in Meriel Shepard's personal log.

Edited to add: Follow up video specifically about piracy.

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