Sunday, January 29, 2012

Known Photo Album Issues

Update 3/27/12 - Whoops!  I forgot about this.  The last five posts are now complete which means that all images should finally be re-linked.

Update 2/7/12 - Only five more entries to go!

Update 2/6/12 - Only January and February 2011 remain picture-less.  I will have those fixed by late tomorrow night.  As you can see, the latest ME2 post "Reflection" has already been posted.  Be looking for another ME2 post come 2/11/12, and at least one or two non-ME2 posts in between.  See you then!

Update 2/1/12
- It turns out that all the images except maybe five of them needed re-linking.  What on Earth, Picasa?  I have a little over half of the blog restored, and hope to have the rest of the images restored come the middle of next week.  Sorry things are dead this week.  I've had unexpected car trouble, and a number of other things have been keeping me busy.  The next post is taking place aboard the Normandy, and I will have it up before Wednesday.  After that, it is back to Omega in search of this doctor that Aria is so keen on.

I want to make a quick apology for the number of missing images this blog currently has ... especially in the older posts.  Picasa (the program that blogger uses to hold this blog's pictures) has been freaking out on me by showing some images, but removing others.  Some images are alternately available and unavailable depending on when I load the page, while others are simply missing altogether.  The funny thing is that it has only happened to this blog and not the art ones I have.  Maybe Blogger doesn't like video games?  Who knows.

Google searches have informed me that the only real way to fix this is to re-link the offending (read: not showing up) images to the blog. A little testing on my part shows that this does indeed fix the problem.  The main issue, of course, is that re-linking images in a screen cap-heavy blog like this is no small feat.  Even so, I will be engaging in this process this afternoon in an effort to return to normal.  In the meantime, I beg your patience as the process will be tedious and time consuming.

I will try to have Meriel's new log entry up today, but given this unexpected turn of events, it will most likely be pushed off until Tuesday.  See you then!

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