Saturday, January 14, 2012

ME3 - Will Not Happen Unless Changes Made

The Bad News
Bioware/EA announced today that all PC copies for Mass Effect 3 (both digital and retail copies) will require the installation of EA's Origin client.  I, under no circumstances, will install Origin on my computer.  This is extremely disappointing for me, but there are some corporate decisions that I simply cannot financially support and this is one of them.

The Good News 
This in no way affects Meriel's story in Mass Effect 2.  It just means that unless the Origin requirement is removed for retail copies, there will be no Mass Effect 3.


  1. That's a damn shame... I totally understand you, since I also have many similar principles. Luckily I've never had to pass on any game of such stature because of them.

  2. It's a major shame, and there has been a great deal of outrage on the Bioware boards since the official announcement. Unfortunately, I doubt it is enough to make a difference.