Monday, January 31, 2011

The Search for Fuel

If you're anything like me, then you are constantly on a search for the perfect gaming drink. No matter who you are, if you do any extensive gaming at all then you can agree that nutrient intake is all but essential to the experience. Over time my tastes have changed. I used to consume vast quantities of diet soda, and sometimes still do, but since I usually play in the wee hours of the morning that caffeine consumption is not conducive to sleep before work/class/errands/life. Sometimes I drink instant cappuccinos (very high in caffeine) while other times it is Sprite or some other caffeine free soda. In the most recent months I've taken to keeping a supply of those sparkling, flavored waters in the fridge for such occasions. Today I thought I'd share my most recent addition to the list - custom teas. Generally I'm a big fan of English Breakfast, Lady Grey, Earl Grey, and Black Current teas. Every once in a while though they get old. A few weeks ago I discovered an old teabag of Hazelnut Vanilla tea in the corner of my cabinet. Once the flavor-of-the-moment a couple of years back, no one apparently makes this flavor anymore so I began to look for custom sites. Above is my most recent order from Design a Tea. The current cup of Amaretto Strawberry is pretty awesome, but I don't know if this is the next incarnation of gaming fuel yet. Allow me a few more cups and then maybe a decision can be reached.


  1. That tea looks good!

    I got halfway to designing my rum and pecan, and my orange and chocolate teas before realising they only ship to the US and Canada. Boo!

  2. While more expensive, you might want to check out Teavana ( They are a well known company with a line of specialty, nontraditional teas. In the States they will mix custom blends in store, but I do not know if they do so online. Their international shipping rate is quite reasonable.

    There is one more custom tea site I ran across before I settled on Design a Tea, but I can't remember what it was at the moment. If I do I'll let you know.

    As a side note, Rum and Pecan tea sounds amazing. That is going on my list of flavors I want to try out.