Friday, January 28, 2011

DA:O - Amusing Oddities

Every once in a while I run across items or names in Dragon Age that make me chuckle. Below are a couple of ones that caught my eye during the last week or so.

Find this in the Caverns while searching for Andraste's Ashes

Dragon Egg - This is one of those "say what?" moments. You loot the dragon egg expecting to receive a baby dragon or the egg itself. Instead you discover Lifedrinker and a Small Clear Ice Crystal. What kind of magic is this? Even more to the point, what kind of logic does this make? Open egg, receive jewelry. Did you ever read that French fairy tale The Blue Bird where a princess comes into the possession of four magical eggs? One of her eggs contained a coach pulled by mice and another contained a chariot pulled by birds. That is what this egg makes me think of.

(The Ice Crystal only appears because I have the Stone Prisoner DLC installed. I do not remember what is in its place when Stone Prisoner is not activated ... if there is anything else at all.)

Loot from a chest in the Village of Honnleath (Stone Prisoner DLC)

Olaf's Prized Cheese Knife - This dagger is a source of never ending amusement for me. Not only is it the oddest looking cheese knife you will ever meet, but Olaf apparently loved this "knife" so much that he locked it away in a random chest and let someone else keep the key on their person. Oh yeah ... that villager's dead and Perra had no problems with looting his body.

Purchase this armor from Legnar in the Orzammar Commons

Shadow of the Empire - Purchasing this armor unlocks the Codex Entry "Shadow of the Empire" which reads
The Crows of Antiva may be the most famous and most expensive of Thedas's assassins, but they are not the most active. That dubious honor belongs to the Shadows of the Emperor, the personal cadre of killers employed by the throne of Orlais. This armor was made for use by the Shadows whenever the Grand Game should wander out of hand.
Dragon Age lore aside, however, we all know what this armor's name alludes to. Stuck? I'll give you a hint.

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