Tuesday, January 18, 2011

DA:O - Deceptive Deception

With Redcliffe restored to order Perra decides it is time to look for the Urn of Sacred Ashes that the arlessa insists is her husband's only chance of survival. Whether Andraste's Ashes are everything they are cracked up to be remains to be seen.

*Warning! Here there be Spoilers. Continue at Your Own Risk*

Lying "Weylon" is a Lying Liar

Home is No Haven- What should have been an easy task - visiting Brother Genitivi at his Denerim home - is suddenly (Surprise!) complicated. As soon as Perra enters Genitivi's house, she is met by the Brother's assistant Weylon. Weylon claims not to know where Genetivi is and the ensuing conversation goes a little like this:

Weylon: I swear up and down that I don't know where the Brother is.

Perra: Not even a little bit?
Weylon: Nope.
Perra: So you haven't a clue. Not a one.
Waylon: He was headed to Lake Calenhad.
Perra: I thought you hadn't talked to him.
Weylon: I ... I ... read his notes.
Perra: Uh huh.
Weylon: He was staying at the inn there. That's all I know.
Perra: *raises eyebrow*
Weylon: ...
Perra: *purses lips*
Weylon: ...
Perra: *clears throat*
Weylon: Screw this. DIIIIEEEEEEEE! *attacks*

Further inspection of Genetivi's house shows that the real Weylon is dead in the backroom and the one you talked to was an impostor. I'm gonna go out on a limb here and say that this situation is slightly suspicious.

The Plot Thickens - Following "Weylen's" mention of Lake Calenhad Perra took her troops there and meets with a very spooked inn keeper. After initially denying any knowledge of Genetivi having ever been at The Spoiled Princess, the inn keep allows himself to be persuaded to share the truth. He doesn't say that Genetivi was actually there, but he mentions that a mysterious "they" were watching for people asking after the Brother. Perra's best bet, he says, is to keep her head down and skedaddle. Promptly upon exiting the Princess, a series of people attack our heroes. When these "cultists" are considered alongside the fraudulent Weylon, Perra can only assume that someone really does not want her finding that urn. She won't know for sure, however, until heading to Haven (a location mentioned in Genetivi's journal) for more information.

Coming Next - A leisurely, potentially deadly stroll through the Village of Haven.

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