Friday, January 21, 2011

DA:O - Visitors Unwelcome

Well Hello There Secret Door

Haven is quite the inhospitable town. Sparsely populated by gaunt villagers shooing you from the town, and a little child chanting creepy poems, the Quest for the Sacred Ashes looks even less promising that it did when cultists randomly attacked Perra outside of Calenhad's Spoiled Princess. There is not much dwarf specific plot-wise to share at this point in the game, so what follows is merely a quick overview of Haven itself. 

It goes without saying that here there be spoilers.
Continue reading at your own risk.

Welcome to Haven ... - The ever "hospitable" guard warns Perra that there is nothing here for her. She needs to trade and then get the hell out of Dodge. Under the pretense of following his advice our intrepid trio + Shale saunters in that direction. The resident shopkeep gets itchy under the collar when Perra attempts to search his back room. (Sound familiar?) So, after a bit of commerce she attempts to search the shop again and Shopkeeper attacks. Such activity is, of course, in no way suspicious for a man storing the still bleeding corpse (how long has that thing been there?) of a Radcliffe knight next to what one can only assume is his dining table. A silent Bat Signal must have alerted the other villagers of Haven because when Perra set foot outside the late shopkeeper's door, a host of people attacked her. Oh look they're called "cultists." So that's where the psychos in Calenhad came from.

Once the horde was cleared away, further investigation of the village reveals an altar still red with blood. It seems that Arl Eamon's knight was lucky to be merely dead instead of quartered and sacrificed. As a side note, it is somehow fitting that the Village of Haven has a disproportionately large number of deathroot plants within its borders.
Alistair (upon seeing the altar): Used for food preparation perhaps?

Perra: Does meat usually bleed that much?
Alistair: I was just trying to be more optimistic. The explanation is slightly more disturbing.

... We Want You Dead - Onwards and upwards. Not only does the Haven Chantry have a Father instead of a Reverend Mother, but he is dressed like no other cleric in Ferelden. Instead of the usual Chantry robes' Father Eirik is attired in mage's robes adorned with fashion elements from a Chasind's attire. Surely the Maker can't be too pleased about that. Father Eirik (surprise!) attacks our protagonist claiming that "She must be protected" and that "all will be forgiven." He had better hope so (whoever "She" is) because Perra soon thereafter gifts him with a bloody death by the battle axe.

The Will to Survive - Well look who has been hidden in the Chantry all this time despite hours and days of horrible torture. It's Brother Genitivi. Perra informs him of the real Weylon's death and convinces him to return to Denerim. Already wounded, there is no point in the brother subjecting himself to yet another perilous situation in his damaged state. Should she find the Urn, Perra promises to return to Denerim and tell Brother Genitivi all about it.

Coming Next - The Ruined Temple itself. What an lovely name that is ... Ruined Temple. Maybe we'll finally figure out who the "she" is that Brother Eirik referred to before Perra ended his life. Could he possibly mean Andraste?

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